Vices & Versa

Bar Vices & Versa  |  6631 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC


Vices & Versa restaurant and taproom opened their doors to the public in February of 2004. This iconic bar, located in the northeast of downtown Montréal, has an impressive forty tap lines, serves great food, and carries an extensive bottle list.

Vices & Versa shares an owner with Brasserie Dunham ('s #1 Canadian brewery in 2017) but they act independently from the brewery and celebrate Québec beer as a whole, with just four of their forty taps usually pouring Brasserie Dunham beers. Yan Lortie, Vises & Versa’s in-house sommelier de bière does extensive research into new Québec beers and curates their huge, local tap list.

Lortie has worked at Vices & Versa since 2015. Before that, he studied at La Cité Collégiale in Ottawa, learning the ins and outs of the beer world. For Yan, offering an extensive list of forty local beers allows him to create the best sensory experience for the customer. There is always a diverse and comprehensive range of beers with very little overlap.

According to Yan, having a good working relationship with breweries that share the same philosophy is extremely important, as it allows him to not only love the beer being served, but also makes him proud to serve it. Over its thirteen years, Vices & Versa has created a name for itself as representative of the quality of the Québec craft beer scene. The bar’s passion and longevity have resulted in the creation of long lasting relationships with breweries based on trust and mutual respect – and, in some cases, has given Vices & Versa the ability to procure rarer beers for their collection.

The fantastic service you’ll receive at Vices & Versa is a result of the bar’s unique work environment. Generally speaking, bars and restaurants have relatively rigid hierarchies, with employees reporting to specific managers, and owners and managers making all major decisions pertaining to the running of the business. At Vices & Versa the staff is given an exceptional amount of freedom, often without a manager present. They get to take part in the decision making process, and are left to manage themselves. After 13 successful years, this structure clearly isn’t an experiment, but effective business as usual.

Montreal has countless fantastic brewpubs and bars to choose from. However, if you are only able to visit one, Vices & Versa will not disappoint. There is a fantastic kitchen serving delicious food to accompany your Québec craft beer of choice as well as a genuinely happy wait staff.