Schwarzbier originated in two German regions north of Munich – the Franconian city of Kulmbach and a small town in Thuringia called Bad Köstritz. Read a little about Schwarzbier and you’ll hear an often-repeated fact: that Schwarzbier is the oldest beer style in the world. This “fact” is recited in many beer magazines and it’s based on a 1935 archaeological dig in Kulmbach where archaeologists unearthed an Iron Age Celtic tomb dating back to 800 BC. 

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Paul GilbertSchwarzbier

Traditionally hailing from Bavaria, the Hefeweizen brewing process sees a significant proportion of malted barley replaced with malted wheat. By German law, “white beer” (nicknamed for the contrast in colour to Munich’s traditional brown beer at the time) brewed in Germany must be top-fermented. Top-fermentation is defined as “a violent kind of alcoholic fermentation at a temperature high enough to carry the yeast cells to the top of the fermenting liquid.” 

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Paul GilbertHefeweizen