Birdseye Pale Ale

Maybee Brewing Co.  | Fredericton, NB  | 5.5% ABV

This 10 barrel brewery in Fredericton is just over a year old, but they already have a Down East Brewing Award under their belt. The Birdseye Pale Ale is a pretty gold in colour, with a cream-like head and an aroma that has quite a lot of honey in it, followed by hints of pineapple and grapefruit making sweet, sweet promises of coming through in the taste. The honey definitely kicks in throughout, making a lovely and not overbearingly sweet backdrop to a distinct grain bitterness with notes of pineapple, grapefruit and orange peel acting as the stars of the show, followed up by a quick jab of pine right in the finish. This would actually be a really nice beer to pair with some good ol’ fashioned saucy barbeque. Ribs, chicken, and brisket would all be phenomenal pairings for this beer, which will lend a lightly sweet note complementing the sauce, while providing just enough bitterness to cut through for a good tasting experience.