Maritime Pale Ale


Located in Uptown Fredericton, Grimross has been brewing Belgian-influenced beers for about four years. The Maritime Pale Ale pours a somewhat dark, honey-like colour, with aromas of grapefruit, orange, and lime, followed by a slight hint of caramel and clove. Where the aroma promised some sweet fruity notes, in the taste we see more of a malt character acting as a very strong backbone, bringing forth a rather bitter note up front that shoves its way past the lovely flavours of citrus. Slight grassy notes hit towards the end, followed up by the light presence of cloves, making for a rather pleasant finish. The final note lingering in the aftertaste is some nice orange peel. Overall, while I wish the taste delivered a bit more on the lovely fruit notes promised in the aroma, this is still a rather enjoyable beer with a flavour combination that works well for it. The note of clove in particular stands out nicely for me.