The gentle giant of Canadian craft brewing, Beaus was built on their flagship Lug Tread. Yes, you can actually see the iconic tractor at their Vankleek Hill operations. The story goes that Tim Beauchesne decided to sell out of his factory operation after a successful career. After selling off all his equipment he was left with an empty building in a beautiful setting. Son, Steve decided he wanted to start a brewery and his father backed him. Now Beaus is one big extended family. On any given day your likely to be greeted by a cousin, sister-in-law or Tim himself. Like many successful craft brewers, Beaus has an acute sense of community and giving back. They have gone organic - a feat in itself given their production volumes. Speaking of which, Beaus is one of the larger craft production operations we have seen in Canada. Tim's original 'barn' has been expanded many times into a maze of massive fermentation tanks. We'll raise a glass to you – Steve, Tim and family!