County Road

You’re dropped off on Benway Road, at Trail Estate, a no-nonsense winery that specializes in small batch wines, most only available on site. Once you’ve tasted your way through Trail Estate, Hinterland Winery is only 500 metres North.

As you walk down the road, breathing in the farmy-fresh air and letting the sun and wine mix and mingle in your head, it’s easy to fall in love. Before long there’s Hinterland Winery and the first stop on your personal tour: County Road Brewing.  Housed within two beautiful barns on the corner of Benway and Closson roads, Hinterland and County Road are both wonderful examples of the county’s charming dedication to authentic experiences.

After sampling some great sparkling wines – always good to practice muscle confusion by switching up varieties when touring all day – you find you’re not the only one sneaking off in search of a pint. 

As you crunch down the gravel path between Hinterland’s (wine) tasting room and the County Road taproom you overhear a fellow sampler suggest to her partner that they split a flight of beer, saying, “I’m going to crash soon with all of this wine I’ve been drinking.”

As you order your own flight – a Sumac Witbier, a Saison (recommended to you the night before at the pub), an enticing Belgian Dubbel, and a Pale Ale – a tray of oysters and a Smoked Fish Rillette arrive at the table next to you. Your stomach grumbles, and you turn the menu over, knowing what to order. 

The Sumac Witbier is a new addition to the tap list that pours a light yellow and tastes of cloves and Belgium. This is the perfect wine-to-beer transition, a pleasant discovery that deserves a toast. Your friends arrive at your table at the same time as the oysters, lucky for them as the taproom is almost entirely full – groups by the door are sharing flights and ordering takeaway bottles. Eccentric and genuine servers buzz around the comfortable, airy taproom that opens on to a patio – nearly full as well – and a splendid view of acres of sun-dappled grape vines.