Advertising Rates



MASH Magazine is a long copy, high quality quarterly periodical for the craft brewing industry. Accessible to both professionals and pro-sumers (typically home brewers), MASH focuses on authoritative, impartial story-telling.

Every independent craft brewery in Canada receives free copies of the magazine. Additional copies are distributed through selected taprooms, pubs, bars and restaurants.

 MASH is financially supported through volunteer sponsorships by each individual brewery. MASH is treasured by the industry and regarded as a permanent collectable – a ‘must have’ for brewmasters and owners.

 Advertisng space is extremely limited to maintain creative and jounalistic integrity.  MASH is the only publication of its type in North America. This is year two for MASH.

Two year position-guaranteed arrangements are also available. All print positions are supported online through website ads, and social media.

For more information or to book your space, please contact Paul Gilbert at 1-250-588-9981 or email