Patrick Roy

Co-owner and Head Brewer for Auberge Sutton Brouërie.

Where did you work before this current gig? I worked at Brasserie Dunham for 5 years. I was the brewer of the place and this is where I learned everything. Do you have formal training? No formal training. But practical. I’ve been in craft beer for 10 years. How did you get into craft beer? At a placed called Vices & Versa in Montreal. This was the first bar to serve craft beer. At the time we did not have a lot of choice. So it started there and I tried more and more beer and learned about craft beer.   

If you were to peg yourself for a certain style of beer that you think is your hallmark what would it be? I like dry beers. I don’t like beer that is too sweet or with too much body. I like low body beer. And Porter Beer. What is it you love about this craft, this business? I have the best job in the world. Everybody in the breweries are so close. We’re all working together to make a better industry. That’s what I love about the business. And this area where Auberge Sutton Brouërie  is situated is beautiful. The area is just amazing. Long term, what is your ambition? We just recently added three new double fermenting so we can double the production. So we want to continue to working on fermenting. How do you feel about microbreweries versus big beer business? As microbreweries, we are taking space from them, not a lot, but we’re growing. We are just trying our way. We are a part of the Association des microbrasseries du Québec (ADMQ) , where we discuss issues to stay in front of the industry, when it comes to these big businesses. Besides beer what are you passionate about? I have lots of passions like my motorcycle. The roads here are amazing and beautiful. I love fly fishing where in the summer I’ll park my bike on the side river and have fun. And I’m also a hunter of wild turkey. In your industry, whose work besides your own do you admire? Brassierie Dieu du Ciel. They have good beer and the quality is always there. Is there anything you think needs to change about the industry? Trying to work on quality insurance This is one of the issues we talk about at ADMQ. There are a lot of craft breweries open but they don’t have the experience. We need to ensure quality.

Patrick Roy   Brewmaster   |   Brourie Sutton, Sutton, Québec