Motor Craft

Motor Craft Ales  |   Windsor, ON   |   Reviewed May 2017


Gino Gesulae’s Motor Craft Ales opened in 2012 as a complement for Erie St.’s Motor Burger. They are in the process of building a production facility, but for four years have managed to put out very good beers from a very nano-sized system (essentially a home-brew rig scaled by a factor of ten) in the restaurant’s basement. 

The food side of the operation has a menu built around fifteen-odd burger variations that manage both a wide spectrum of flavours and also avoid gimmickry. For example, the Autostrada with Italian chipotle sausage, blue cheese and fennel apple-slaw reads like a mess of competing flavours, but actually finds a subtle, if spicy balance. 

With so many directions to match, the best beer pairings are the solid, on-style options that offer support. In this sense, the Model A Amber and Wanker ESB are good cornerstones to build a tasting flight around.

David Ort

Gino Gesulae

Gino Gesulae